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The events happening during the recent years in Armenia and the South Caucasus have exposed an urgent need for efficient collaboration among all patriotic forces of Armenia and the diaspora with the aim of stopping the destructive processes we witness in our Homeland, and to develop a unified and feasible roadmap for the salvation, further growth and strengthening of Armenia and Artsakh. In an effort to form a modern all-Armenian unifying platform, we have launched a project to establish a new platform named “Ararat Alliance Institute”. The aim of this structure is the unification of potential of Armenians, as well as friends of the Armenian nation, to strengthen the security of the country, enhance competitiveness of economy, preserve and develop national values in the name of decent life of the Armenian people and the progressive development of Armenia. Currently, in addition to historical, economic, strategic and cultural studies, the Institute is involved in a process of required arrangements for the First All-Armenian Forum “Ararat Alliance”, which will be held in June 2022 in Yerevan. The organization of this Forum is motivated by the implementation of the fact that it depends on each of us what inheritance we will leave to our descendants, and whether they will be proud of us, or condemn for the fact that every minute of today's inaction or delay carries the threat of new territorial and human losses, and may increase the price we will need to pay to reinstate Armenia's reputation as a nation with high human and intellectual capital.


We highly appreciate your experience and knowledge, as well as patriotic attitude, scope of activity and civil stance and invite you to take part in the Forum “Ararat Alliance”. You may find information on news, organizational and other issues related to the Forum on the official website: www.araratalliance.am.


The organizing committee of the forum is headed by prominent economist, statesman and public figure Tatul Manaseryan.