Dear compatriots and friends of the Armenian people!

  The events happening during the recent years in Armenia and in South Caucasus have exposed an urgent need for efficient cooperation of all patriotic and devoted forces of Armenia and the Diaspora with the aim of stopping the destructive processes we witness in our Homeland, and to develop a unified roadmap for salvation and further development of Armenia and Artsakh.

In an effort to form a modern all-Armenian unifying platform, we have launched a project to establish a new initiative named “Institute of Strategic Development of Armenia and Artsakh” (Ararat Alliance Institute)”.

 The aim of this structure is the unification of potential of Armenians, as well as friends of the Armenian people, to strengthen the security of the country, enhance competitiveness of the economy, preserve and develop national values for a more decent life of the Armenian people and the dynamic progress of Armenia.

Currently, in addition to the strategic research and analysis, the Institute is preparing for the First All-Armenian Forum “Ararat Alliance”. The organization of this Forum is motivated by the implementation of the idea that it depends on each of us what inheritance we will leave to our descendants, and whether they will be proud of, or condemn us for the fact that every moment of today's inaction or delay carries the threat of new territorial and human losses, and may increase the cost that we have to pay for reinstating Armenia's reputation as a nation with high human and intellectual potential.

  Dear, hence I invite you to take part as an Honored Guest in the Ararat Alliance Forum, which will be held on October 20-23, 2022 in Yerevan and, as we hope, will lead to the development of a cohesive pan-Armenian agenda and a roadmap for overcoming the crisis, as well as the development of Armenia in the modern geopolitical realities.

 The organizing committee of the Forum is headed by renowned economist, statesman and public figure Prof. Tatul Manaseryan. Along with our colleagues, we will be happy to answer all your questions via the following contacts:

+37495250468,  +37495250469

The Forum will be held both offline and online. You may find information on the agenda, news, organizational and other issues related to the Forum on the official website:

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you of my highest consideration.

             Sincerely,                 aaa     Head of “Ararat Alliance Institute”

                                                                                                     UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador           

                                                         Ara Abramyan